Apache Chief


Victorio was a skilled strategist, known for his bravery.

He and his men battled both the Mexicans and the Americans from 1863 to 1877.

In 1877 Victorio signed a peace treaty on behalf of the Apache.

When the U.S. unilaterally broke the treaty after just four months, Victorio and his men kept on raiding, hiding in the mountains to survive.

Over the next couple of years Victorio signed more treaties, was captured, was indicted and always managed to escape.

In 1880 his band was cornered and in a two-day battle most of them were wiped out.

It is unclear whether Victorio was killed in battle or took his own life as the army closed in on him.

The Apache and their foes respected and admired Victorio for his bravery and tenacity against incredible odds.