Chiricahua ( Apache ) Chief



As the first son of Cochise, Taza became the leader of his father's group when Cochise died in 1874.

Taza, who was also brother of Naiche and grandson of Mangas Coloradas, strove to honor his father's peace agreement with the army.

In 1876, he agreed to relocate his people from the Chiricahua Reservation at Apache Pass, Arizona, to the San Carlos Reservation.

However, he could not unite the various Apache bands under his leadership as Cochise had done.

Consequently, Geronimo and his followers crossed the Mexican border into the Sierra Madre of Mexico. This remote area became their base camp.

In the summer of 1876, Taza joined the Apache delegation to Washington, D.C., to sue for peace.

During this trip, Taza succumbed to pneumonia and was buried in the Congressional Cemetery.

As a result of Taza's death, Naiche became more militant.