Blackfoot Chief



Also known as John Two Guns and John Whitecalf Two Guns, this Blackfoot chief provided one of the most readily recognizable images of a Native American in the world after an impression of his portrait appeared on a common coin, the Indian head nickel.

Two Guns White Calf was born near Fort Benton, Montana, son of White Calf, who was known as the last chief of the Pikuni Blackfoot.

His visage was used along with those of John Big Tree (Seneca) and Iron Tail (Sioux) in James Earl Fraser's composite design for the nickel.

After the coin's release around the turn of the century, Two Guns White Calf became a fixture at Glacier National Park, where he posed with tourists.

He also acted as a publicity spokesman for the Northern Pacific Railroad, whose public relations staff came up with the name "Two Guns White Calf".

He died of pneumonia at the age of sixtythree and was buried in a Catholic cemetry at Browning, Montana.