Geographical region : southwest ( Palm Springs, southeast of California)

Lived normally in straw-shacks with roofs that look like cupolas.

Language : uto-atztec


Even if the tribe was known as one of the 'Mission-tribes', the Cahuilla had nothing in mind ( had no relationship at all ) with the missionaries.

The Cahuilla once were the biggest desert-tribe living in southern California.

The Spanish priests did promote mixed marriages because these wiped out the differences between the tribes.

The Cahuilla did not accept this practice until the end of the 19th century.

Alfred Kroeber estimated the original population to be about 2500 in the year 1925.

In the year 1970 there were only 354 Cahuilla living in the seven reservations in southern California.

Only 23 lived in the real Cahuilla-Reservation.

In the Cahuilla-Reservation lived only 148 people in the year 1985.