Comanche Chief

1847- 1911


Son of Comanche Chief, Peta Nocona, and a white woman named Cynthia Ann Parker, Quanah Parker was the last free Comanche Chief and the first chief of all Comanche tribes.

Born circa 1847, died Feb.22,1911 , this blue-eyed warrior was known as the fiercest defender of his people.

In the heat of battle, Quanah would ferociously fight the invading white settlers, showing no mercy.

Later, after he and his people had surrendered to reservation life, he used this same fierce zeal in adopting the "white man's" ways.

Everything he did was always for the sake of defending and protecting his people.

Quanah and his people fought many battles and remained free until 1875.

On June 2, Quanah surrendered and began a new life as a peaceful reservation Indian. Quanah spent half his life living in the white man's world.

Before he died in 1911, he had amassed considerable wealth for a reservation Indian.

Whether he was fighting bloody battles on the Texas range or fighting the Bureau of Indian Affairs to keep his people fed and warm, Quanah never forgot his heritage.

When he died, he was buried next of his mother in the full regalia of a Comanche Chief.