Geographical region : North-west coast, Washington

Lived normally in block-houses

Language group : salish


A small body of Salish near Seattle, Washington, which city was named from a chief of these and the Suquamish tribes.

Their proper seat, according to Gibbs, was at the outlet of Lake Washington.

In 1856 they were removed to the east shore of Bainbridge Island, but owing to the absence of a fishing ground were shortly afterwards taken to Holderness point, on the west side of Elliot Bay, which was already a favorite place for fishing.

The name, being well known, has been improperly applied collectively to a number of distinct bands in this neighborhood.

Their population about 1856 is variously given from 64 to 312.

The remnant is incorporated with the Snohomish and others under the Tulalip School, north west Washington altogether numbering 465 in 1904.