( Hermene MoxMox )


Nez Perce Chief

1855 -1935


Yellow Wolf left to history one of the few narratives of the final days of the Long March of Chief Joseph, describing the harsh days before the Nez Perces' surrender to General Nelson A. Miles.

Born Hermene Moxmox, a nephew of Chief Joseph, Yellow Wolf was a warrior during the Nez Perces' Long March; he was only twenty-one years of age at that time.

He had already earned a reputation among the Nez Perce as a hunter and sharpshooter. He was also an expert at training horses.

During the last battle of the Long March, between September 30 and October 5, 1877, Joseph and most of the survivors decided to surrender.

A small band, including Yellow Wolf, escaped and took refuge with Sitting Bull's Hunkpapas in Canada.

Yellow Wolf's recollections are contained in Lucullus McWhorter's book, Yellow Wolf (1940).

Yellow Wolf died at Colville, Washington, in 1935, shortly after completing the Narrative for the book.