Oglala Chief


Little is known about Chief Crazy Bear other then he was a member of the tribal council that made "Crazy Horse" a Chief.

The early historical beginnings of the Sioux can be traced to the Great Lakes.

There they built wigwams, harvested wild rice, planted maize, made maple sugar, and hunted wild game.

They were pushed westward by the French fur traders and became skilled horsemen, bison hunters and extraordinary warriors.

When the white American began to move west, the Sioux barred the way.

The Sioux were eventually forced from their lands and moved to the Great Sioux Reservation in South Dakota.

In 1876, Sioux war parties under Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, Spotted Tail, Red Cloud, He Dog, and others destroyed the Seventh Cavalry led by Colonel Custer.

But their real struggle had only begun. In 1889 the Great Sioux Reservation was cut into smaller parts - The Pine Ridge, Rosebud, and Standing Rock.

At Wounded Knee in 1890 as the Sioux danced the Ghost Dance, jittery soldiers fired at and killed 200 men, women, and children.

The dead were buried in a common grave.