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Hunkpapa ( Lakota/Sioux) Chief


A Hunkpapa chief who played a leading part in the Lakota's long war against the United States, Gall encouraged his people to accept assimilation once they were confined on reservations.

Gall eventually became Sitting Bull's military chief, and led attacks on army troops along the Yellowstone River in 1872 and 1873.

At the battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876, he led the Hunkpapa warriors who first drove Major Reno from the Lakota's encampment and then swept north to join Crazy Horse and his forces in the attack on Custer.

Following the Custer fight, Gall fled with Sitting Bull into Canada, but a quarrel between them caused Gall to bring his band back across the border late in 1880.

He finally surrendered on January 3, 1881.

In 1889 he even became a judge on the reservation's Court of Indian Offenses.

Gall died on December 5, 1894 at his home on Oak Creek in South Dakota.



Gall and his nephew