Ute / Weeminuches Chief

1828 - 1913


Born in the San Juan area of southwestern Colorado in 1828, Ignacio was not well known until Ouray's death, at which time he became chief of all the Southern Utes at Cimarron.

Although a quite man, Ignacio was known to be very resolute and purposeful.

When his father, a medicine man, was called to cure a sick person and failed, he was killed by the grieving family (not an unusual practice in those days).

Enraged by this behavior, Ignacio killed all twelve members of the family that had killed his father.

He was a large and physically impressive man, weighing about two hundred pounds and standing about six feet, two inches tall.

On December 13, 1913, he died on the Ute Mountain Reservation in Colorado.

The town Ignacio, Colorado, derives its name from him.